Japanese Culture

-Yūgen- Japan Traditional Report

10/01/2017   Video

An interview kimono stylist and hair designer Etsuko Torishima from Niigata prefecture. Together with hair and makeup artist Kei Satoh she created the exhibition and live performance 「幽玄ーYūgenー」 which artistically blends traditional Japanese “kimono” and “nihongami” hairstyle with vanguard makeup.

Event Report, Regional Activity

Twinkle Twinkle Mail Box!

09/20/2017   Video

PlaNeTV reports on an event held annually in Tokyo`s Bunkyo ward. Postal workers clean the postboxes in their area, accompanied by their families. A glimpse into everyday life in Japan!

Tokyo Stroll

Tokyo Stroll:Kasuga,Koishikawa Bunkyo Ward PART2 trailer

04/23/2017   Video

“TOKYO SANPO” is a community-based walking program For further inbound travelers from abroad. This time walking around Kasuga&Koishikawa district of Bunkyo Ward in the middle of Tokyo! There are historic spots, gourmet, encounters with various people.Please enjoy the real pleasure of walking.

Interviews, Tourism

Kaminarimonmae Sanjamatsuri Interview 1

02/16/2017   Video

Our reporter Bryan is reporting while a procession carrying a “mikoshi”(portable shrine) takes place in front of the Kaminari-gate of Sensō-ji temple. A local man explains the origins of Sanja Festival to him. After that Bryan interviews a visitor from Germany and a group of tourists from Canada and Hongkong. About Sanja Festival Interview Special […]

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