A dream of Chi-pao

10/20/2016   Video

A dream of Chi-pao An interview about Chinese Chi-pao and traditional crafts.

Japanese Culture, Music and Idol Scene

Introduce Chinese Ceramics in EVA Style

10/13/2016   Video

Introducing Chinese Wood Kiln Ceramics in EVA Style.


Chinese Guqin

10/07/2016   Video

History you can listen to ~The Chinese Guqin~ Music played an important time in Chinese culture since ancient times. It came second in the so called “six arts”, the most important knowledge and skills of that time (ceremonies, music, archery, driving the chariot, calligraphy and mathematics). One musical instrument played since thousands of years in […]


China Lolita Fashion

09/30/2016   Video

An interview about Chinese Lolita Fashion The culture of “Lolita fashion”, originally from Japan becomes more and more popular among young girls in the city of Changsha in China`s Hunan province. One of these young women is interviewed in this video of PlaNeTV`s “Culture of China`s Hunan Province and Changsha City Series”. She says that […]


Changsha Chinese ComicMarket

09/22/2016   Video

This video is about the Changsha 10th MoeComic Festival.Let’s see how the Chinese comic market like.


”The Happiest City in China,” Changsha

09/22/2016   Video

The happiest city in China-Changsha Hello! My name is Yai from Changsha, Hunan in China. I came back to my hometown Changsha this Golden Week and took some videos. I want to introduce this city to you guys and maybe you can see a part of China you haven’t seen.

PR Video

Super Oil Gripper PV

06/29/2016   Video

Super Oil Gripper PV requested by Nippon Forms Service Co., Ltd. has been completed. We consistently produced chromakey photography, nare shoots etc at our company JITV studio. Camera shooting in 3 days in total for two days of field shooting + 1 studio shoot. It was completed in about 3 weeks by editing / correction […]

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