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Kaminarimonmae Sanjamatsuri Interview 1

02/16/2017   Video

Our reporter Bryan is reporting while a procession carrying a “mikoshi”(portable shrine) takes place in front of the Kaminari-gate of Sensō-ji temple. A local man explains the origins of Sanja Festival to him. After that Bryan interviews a visitor from Germany and a group of tourists from Canada and Hongkong. About Sanja Festival Interview Special The Sanja Matsuri held at the Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa is one of Tokyo`s most famous traditional festivals. “Sanja Festival Interview Special” is a new series by PlaNeTV that combines interviews of foreign visitors with impressions from the festivities. PlaNeTV reporters asked the visitors about the reasons why they came to Japan and how they enjoy the festival. The interviews provide usefull insights for both people who plan to visit Japan and Japanese businesses that want to attract visitors from abroad.


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