Event Report, Regional Activity

2nd Denzuin Temple Bon Dance Festival

10/24/2017   Video

Watch our report about an Japanese summer dance festival in Tokyo`s Bunkyo ward! In August PlaNeTV visited the 2nd Bon Odori Dance Festival at the Denzuin Temple in Bunkyo ward. We did interviews with members of the shop owners association that organize this festival and with foreign guest as well as children from the neighborhood. […]

Event Report, Regional Activity

~Shaved Ice and Bon Dance~2nd Denzuin Temple Bon Dance Festival

10/23/2017   Video

In this special we report about two important activities on the traditional Japanese summer festival called Bonodori: Dancing and eating! Watch all our interviews with the visitors of the 2nd Denzuin Temple Bon Dance Festival in Tokyo`s Bunkyo ward.

Event Report, Regional Activity

Twinkle Twinkle Mail Box!

09/20/2017   Video

PlaNeTV reports on an event held annually in Tokyo`s Bunkyo ward. Postal workers clean the postboxes in their area, accompanied by their families. A glimpse into everyday life in Japan!

Event Report, Regional Activity

Japan Taiwan Festival 2017 PlaNeTV Event Report

09/11/2017   Video

PlaNeTV reports from the 2017 Japan Taiwan Festival at Ueno Park, an event dedicated to celebrating the culture and relationship of both Japan and Taiwan.

Event Report, Japanese Culture, Regional Activity

Bunkyo Cherry Blossom Festival 2017

04/25/2017   Video

Bunkyo Cherry Blossom Festival is one of the 5 major flower festivals in the Bunkyo Ward, and the event is held every year. The event’s popularity continue to grow year after year, and recently it’s started being included in bus tours as well.

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