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Idol Group Girls☆Special Report

09/25/2017   Video

Behind the scenes at the Japan Taiwan Festival with ”Girls ☆,” (read: Girls Star) an up and coming idol group in Tokyo. PlaNeTV interviewed the young members before and after their first ever performance onstage at the Japan Taiwan Festival in Ueno Park, Tokyo.

Event Report, Music and Idol Scene

15th Japan Bishōjo Contest 2017

08/17/2017   Video

On the 8th of August PlaNeTV covered the 15th Japan Bishōjo Contest held by Oscar Promotion at the Pamir Hall of Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa. “Bishōjo” is the Japanese word for “beautiful girl.” Girls between the ages of twelve and seventeen take part in the contest and have to impress the jury with walking, […]

Music and Idol Scene

Japanese musician Okamoto Syunin live

08/01/2017   Video

This is a digest of the 10 years activity anniversary performance of Okamoto Syunin, an amateur musician from Japan. On May the 27th 2017 he was playing together with his band OMSB and also gave a talk about his activities. Please enjoy!

Event Report, Music and Idol Scene

Cinderella Fes 2017

05/17/2017   Video

Cinderella Fes is the biggest JK (Joshi Kosei =female high school student) event in Japan. We report about the festival held in 2017 attended by more than 10,000 people!

Japanese Culture, Music and Idol Scene

Introduce Chinese Ceramics in EVA Style

10/13/2016   Video

Introducing Chinese Wood Kiln Ceramics in EVA Style.

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