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-Yūgen- Japan Traditional Report

10/01/2017   Video

An interview kimono stylist and hair designer Etsuko Torishima from Niigata prefecture. Together with hair and makeup artist Kei Satoh she created the exhibition and live performance 「幽玄ーYūgenー」 which artistically blends traditional Japanese “kimono” and “nihongami” hairstyle with vanguard makeup.

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Bunkyo Cherry Blossom Festival 2017

04/25/2017   Video

Bunkyo Cherry Blossom Festival is one of the 5 major flower festivals in the Bunkyo Ward, and the event is held every year. The event’s popularity continue to grow year after year, and recently it’s started being included in bus tours as well.

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O-Mikoshi experience! Sanja Festival Interviews Part 8

03/06/2017   Video

In this installment reporter Ma is talking to American visitors. They really enjoy Japanese culture! A young woman is even invited by Japanese friends to join in carrying the O-Mikoshi portable shrine together with the locals.

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Kimono experience at Sanja Festival. Sanja Festival Interviews Part 6

02/28/2017   Video

Reporter Ma from China is interviewing foreigners around the Hozōmon (Treasure gate) and pagoda of the Sensō-ji temple. Under the blue sky of Asakusa she meets two women from Romania clad in beautiful kimono! She also has a talk with an Italian and a father from Spain with his child. About Sanja Festival Interview Special […]

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Introduce Chinese Ceramics in EVA Style

10/13/2016   Video

Introducing Chinese Wood Kiln Ceramics in EVA Style.

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